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US-Pakistan relations were under strain because of FATF but because of Pakistan’s role in US-Taliban peace dialogues, the relationship with the US is going to take a new turn, said Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday.

The 14th Plenary Session of Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States will begin at Rabat in Morocco on Monday. A Parliamentary delegation under the leadership of Chairman Kashmir Committee Syed Fakhar Imam for participation in the four-day conference.

The Pakistani delegation will seize the opportunity to apprise the forum about the continued Indian violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which has brought the region to the brink of war and devastation. The Members will also take into confidence their Parliamentary Colleagues from Muslim countries on steps taken by Parliament and government of Pakistan for ensuring peace and stability in the region in wake of recent Indian aggression.

Former Premier of Canadian Alberta province, Alison Redford has said International community needs to examine the events of the past week to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict between Pakistan and India.

In an article published in a Canadian newspaper “The Globe and Mail“, she said the primary conflict between India and Pakistan is focused on Kashmir, which continues to exacerbate a dangerous cross-border relationship.

Redford said Indian military jets breached the Line of Control on unproved allegations and Pakistan had the right to defend itself. Appreciating Pakistan’s response to the Indian aggression, she said it was measured and reasonable. She said India blames Pakistan for terrorist attacks but it does not mention its own terrorist attacks on Pakistani soil.

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