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Labrador Retrievers have been voted America’s most popular dog for a 20th consecutive year.

The American Kennel Club, the world’s largest pure-bred dog registry, said that Labradors remain popular because of their adaptability.

“It’s great if you have a family, it’s great if you’re single, it’s great if you like to hike, run and swim,” SAYS Brandi Hunter, Vice President PR & Communications at American Kennel Club, “It’s literally, you can’t beat a Lab when it comes to some of the traits that they have because no matter what scenario you put them in.”

German Shepherds were ranked the 2nd most favourite breed of American dog owners, followed by Golden Retrievers.

Labradors have occupied a Top 10 place in America’s ranking of most loved puppies since 1970. They are also the favourite breed for law enforcement, military and rescue services worldwide. But, despite holding a place in Americans’ hearts, Labrador Retrievers have never won a major dog show.

“A lot of Labs are companion animals. Some of them are service dogs, therapy dogs. So that’s a little bit different than going in the ring for Westminster,” said Hunter.

The American Kennel Club’s rankings are based on the prevalence of breeds among the 5.8 million puppies registered with it.

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