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British lawmakers have once again rejected all the proposals to end the Brexit deadlock.

Britain’s parliament failed again to find a majority for any alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. In a bid to break the impasse, lawmakers voted on four alternative Brexit options, but all were defeated in the house.

The proposal to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU came closest to getting a majority, but was defeated by three votes. The proposal to hold a confirmatory referendum on any deal was rejected as well. The government is firmly opposed to both customs union and another referendum.

Brexit minister Steven Barclay said the default position was still that Britain would leave the EU on April 12 with or without a divorce deal. He also hinted that Theresa May could put her deal to a fourth vote this week.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she would keep pressing for an “orderly Brexit”.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it is clear that the House does not support the deal and the prime minister should accept that.

“I suggest possibly the house has a chance to consider again the options that we had before us today in a debate on Wednesday, so that the house can succeed where the prime minister has failed in presenting a credible economic relationship with Europe for the future that prevents us crashing out with no deal,” Corbyn said.

Prime Minister Theresa May will hold cabinet meetings with senior ministers today to plan the government’s next moves.

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