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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for fresh parliamentary elections that will take place on May 18.

Just days after the government released its budget, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison dissolved the 45th Australian parliament.

The pre-election budget included tax cuts for low and middle-income earners and record spending on health and education.

The May 18th date gives Morrison a chance to use the budget benefits to his advantage in the upcoming campaign.

Morrison made it no secret that the budget will be used as a campaign tool. “Despite global economic headwinds, Australia economy is strong,” he said. “We are delivering the first budget surplus in more than a decade. Unemployment is at decade lows. And last year, for the first time in our history, more than 100,000 young Australians got a job. With a stronger economy we will create another one and a quarter million jobs over the next five years.”

The Prime Minister Morrison’s conservative coalition has been in power for last six years.

Contrary to Scomo’s claim, indicators suggest that the Australian economy has started slowing down.

Morrison has framed the election as a referendum on his government’s financial management successes.

“And so the choice to be made by Australians on the 18th of May is like it always is at every election, and that is, who do you trust to deliver that strong economy which your essential services rely on?” Morrison said. “Who do you trust to deliver the strong economy and the budget management that these services can be funded, that the business that you work for will be there in three years, in five years, in 10 years?”

The opposition Labor Party is being led into the election by Bill Shorten.

Shorten has advertised himself as a representative of average Australian instead of the powerful political elite. “No one in my family’s been in politics or public life before and I recognise that to be elected leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party, Australia’s oldest political party, is a great honour.”

Opinion polls show Scott Morrison’s conservative coalition trailing the opposition Labor party after six years in power. 

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