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Sudanese Protesters have demanded the dissolution of the Transitional Military Council.

The demonstrators have called for a new interim civilian ruling council to be formed. Demonstrators have rejected any role of the military in the government.

Despite the 30-year rule of President Omar Al Bashir brought to an end, the Sudanese protesters continue their demonstrations.

The promise of a civilian government by the Transitional Military Council established did not satisfy the protestors.

Chairman Transitional Council Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan ruled that the next President would be drawn from the Military.

Protstors rejected the proposal and expressing their unwillingness to accept anything short of a complete civilian government.

They have now demanded that Transitional Military Council be replaced by a civilian body.

“There is this one demand, one of the main demands of the protest movement, which is the formation of a sovereign, civilian council, with military representation to protect the revolution and to guarantee the demands are met,” Taha Osman, leader of Sudanese Professionals Association, said, “(Our second demand) is the creation of a civilian government made up of cadres, and its tasks to be agreed upon, with full executive powers.”

Looking to contain the backlash, Military Council Members said they are in the process of choosing a civilian prime minister.

“I would like to say that we are already in the process of choosing a prime minister and just to form a civilian government. So we are initiating this even before having this session with the African Union,” Jalal Eldin, member of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council, said. “This is our conviction and this is also the way forward to peace, but also we respect it and we are committed to the decision of peace and the security council.”

Sit-ins and demonstrations in Khartoum and across Sudan continue.

Protesters have refused to accept any measures taken by the transitional military council.

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