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Donald Trump has warned Iran officials on Wednesday to be cautious with the threats. After Tehran (Iran’s capital) announced that it would break a 2015 nuclear deal in response to which Donald Trump tweeted on July 4, 2019 that the threats Iran is making “can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before”.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani proclaimed some statements about enriching uranium which stated uranium beyond a fissile purity of 3.67% would be enriched which is reasoned by the experts to meet the needs for electricity generation and was the maximum limit permitted by the deal. The enrichment would be implemented after 7th July, 2019. Iranian president also warned Trump that after combining low-enriched uranium than the 300 kg allowed under the nuclear pact, he is “playing with fire”.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran is practicing their right to respond after U.S withdrawal from the nuclear accord and disagrees that Iran is not violating any rules by escalating the cap on low enriched uranium. Rouhani said if U.S does not return to the pact, Iran would resume its construction of heavy water reactor which can produce plutonium essential for a nuclear grade bomb and the conditions could become severe and dangerous.

Fear of war increased when weeks of tensions with Washington emerged last month when U.S. armed surveillance drone was shot down by Tehran forces. Washington authorities blamed attacks being performed on Gulf several oil tankers on Iranian authorities, plainly denied by Iran.

Tensions have been ever-increasing between Tehran and Washington since May 2018 after Trump pulled out Washington from the pact, acting to blocking all the international sales of Iranian oil, oil being the blood of country’s economy.

EU nations are concerned with Tehran’s act of amassing announcement, all of the European nations are a part of the nuclear pact. Iranian president says the doors are open for negotiations if France, Germany, Russia, China and Britain esteemed the pledges set by the deal, Iran would lessen its stockpile of enriched uranium below the 300-kg limit.

Iran’s main urge is to be allowed to vend its oil at the same standards prevailing before Trump acted to leave the accord and restore the permissions.

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