Spider-Man: Far from Home, A Review

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is a heartfelt, entertaining superhero flick that serves as a breath of fresh air for all the fans of the MCU who were left bereft after the intense, heart-wrenching drama that unfolded in Avengers: Endgame.

Eight months have passed since Thanos and his army were defeated, and 16-year-old Peter Parker is craving some normalcy in his life. He ignores some calls from Nick Fury and embarks on a school trip to Europe, where his mission is to confess his feelings to MJ. But things go haywire after the appearance of huge element-like monsters and a mysterious human from a parallel world who is later dubbed ‘Mysterio’.

For any sceptics that still remain, this movie proves that Tom Holland is the best on-screen Peter Parker/Spider-Man so far. He plays the role of an awkward teenager who is hopelessly smitten and a young hero who is constantly unsure of himself to a tee. The movie was an exploration of Peter’s character as he struggles with the ramifications of Tony Stark’s death, and Holland makes the audience feel his character’s grief and vulnerabilities beautifully.

Jake Gyllenhaal joins the MCU as Mysterio, a human from another Earth who provides Peter with much-needed companionship. Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is charming, powerful and responsible – and you cannot help but wonder if this is the hero who will fill in the hole that Iron Man had left behind.

The script is a perfect mixture of action and character development, the rest of the supporting cast bring much-needed light-heartedness to the story, but the strongest feature of this movie is the visual effects. Those who loved the sometimes woozy, videogame like epic cinematography of Doctor Strange are going to love what MCU has done in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The action sequences are so exciting that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen!

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Who would have thought that a pair of sunglasses can cause so much drama?

Tony Stark is dead, but we can feel his presence throughout the movie. Peter Parker receives a pair of glasses that are embedded with a multi-billion-dollar tech, and that leaves him (and everyone else) wondering if Spider-Man is supposed to lead the Avengers next. Not only did these glasses play an important part in the plot of the film, but they also reminded us time and again of Tony and what his loss means to both Peter and to the fans of the franchise.

Speaking of nostalgia, to see Peter fiddle around with the specifications of the suit he was designing while classic rock music played in the background was enough to bring tears to many eyes in the theatre. We know Iron Man is irreplaceable, but if anyone can come close to filling in those shoes, it is Peter Parker.

And let’s not forget that Mysterio twist.

He was nothing but a fraud, using holograms and drones to stage attacks on various cities so that he could swoop in and save the day. We all knew it was coming: Mysterio, after all, is one of the major villains that Spider-Man faces in the comics. And yet, as Jake Gyllenhaal sat in that bar, with that charismatic smile, that beard and Tony’s glasses on his face, I couldn’t help but hope that MCU would somehow subvert my expectations.

They didn’t – but they made a very compelling, manic-comic villain out of Mysterio, who managed to pull the carpet from under the feet of the audiences even in death. In a shocking post-credits scene, we see J. Jonah Jameson of the DailyBugle.net revealing a video sent to him by Mysterio in which he uses doctored footage to paint Spider-Man as a villain and reveals his true identity.

It certainly was a clever way of ending the Phase III of the MCU; Tony Stark did reveal himself to be ‘Iron Man’ in the first film of the franchise. What this reveal means for Peter’s future is yet to be seen, but knowing MCU, it sure will be a roller-coaster ride.

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