EU Migrant Crisis: Italian coast guard rescues 47

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In the early hours of morning, some 47 migrants were rescued and brought to the Italian shore by the coast guard. According to reports by the port doctors, the migrants were part of a group of 53, with 6 refugees in need of urgent medical care. The sick were consequently transferred to the Lampedusa Port.
Moreover, Alan Kurdi, a German rescue ship picked up 44 migrants in the central Mediterranean. According to reports, among the rescued who left Zuwara early on Saturday in a wooden boat were refugees from Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Guinea. The refugees on Alan Kurdi will be transferred to Malta later today.
According to official reports, since the start of 2019, some 3126 migrants have reached Italy with nationals from Tunisia topping the list, followed by Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Iraq and Bangladesh. More than two-thirds of these refugees have been picked up at sea relatively close to land by the Italian coastguard. Barely 300 have been transferred to Italy so far this year following moves by Prime Minister Salvini to shut the nation’s ports to non-governmental organizations. Salvini has built much of his political credibility on a promise to limit the number of immigrants entering Italy.
The European Union’s recent pledge to continue helping Italy with its ongoing refugee crisis has done little to curb the rapid increase in the number of migrants over the past month. After a noticeable fall in migrant arrivals in recent months, a steady rise was witnessed in the number of packed boats arriving on Italian shores. Increasing pressure has led the Italian government to expand on the resources being used to fight the boat migrants, an official said on Tuesday.
Following this the Italian government is planning to boost its sea and air patrols to try to spot traffickers before they enter or leave local waters. Previously rubber dinghies were easily overpowered and pushed to local shores, before making it to sea, enabling Libyan and Italian coastguards to stop them before they left their respective territorial waters. In order to help curb the refugee crisis, Italy has pledged to give 10 motorboats to the Libyan coastguard.

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