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An international crowd of more than a hundred people marched against the 2020 Olympics in central Tokyo on Wednesday.

The demonstrators came from a number of countries, including the U.S. and European states. The date marked one year before the games kick off. The protesters say that the sports event exacerbates poverty and damages the environment. Climate change, deforestation and water pollution — are some of the harmful damages done to the host country after the games end.

“I want to strongly say that the Olympics should be banned not only in Tokyo but everywhere, and it is unnecessary for global citizens” says a Japanese demonstrator, Toshio Miyazaki.

One of the participants included a French politician, Danielle Simonnet. France is also due to host the Olympics in 2024. She said, “It is important for us, people who are opposed to the Olympics in 2024, to come here today to this international meeting against the Olympics Games. We want to show our solidarity with the Japanese who are against 2020 and our friends from Los Angeles who are against 2028.”

The games have often been criticised for overspending, corruption and impacting the environment negatively. According to estimates, 17,000 tonnes of waste will be produced, 6000 tonnes of food will be consumed, 23,500 litres of fuel will be needed and 29,500 gigawatts of electricity will be used throughout the duration of the games. But even so, the International Olympic Committee has confirmed preparations for the games and they are moving according to schedule.

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