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The author is a Correspondent and Associate Producer at Indus News
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Last week as soon as the news came out of Kashmir that tourists are being requested to vacate and more than 100,000 additional troops are being deployed in the valley which already has 700,000 troops and is the most militarized zone in the world, horrors of something bad to the bone happening started floating in everyone’s mind.

On Monday, August the 5th India revokes Article 370 in Raj Sabha which was the special status of Jammu and Kashmir after their independence from the British rule in 1947.
In response to this move, Pakistan expelled the Indian envoy and cut all the bilateral ties with India and approached different international platforms to register their protest.
But being a Kashmiri myself all the reactions and uproar was the very secondary thing for me. I was concerned about all my friends and loved ones more than diplomatic reactions. I left messages to everyone in my contact list to get the updates but no one responded.

Finally I got hold on a journalist living in Jammu (cannot mention name due to security purpose) and asked about my journalist friends the first thing she said while sobbing was “Kiran I was not expecting this, they have ruined it. I cannot share any information. I even don’t know where my staff is right now. People are terrified. My valley is burning and there is no one who could save us. There are pregnant women who are rushing to the state hospitals before time and people have stocked up all the medicines and food supplies. We don’t know what is happening and what will happen?”

That phone call was the moment which I pray never should have happened. But we cannot keep our eyes shut. I am still not able to get any information about my friends. Indian paramilitary forces even have erected barricades every few hundred meters across Srinagar city to halt civilian movement.

India’s RSS-headed government has already done so many human rights violations inside India what can we expect from them when it comes to Kashmir now. There is one soldier for every 08 Kashmiris. All the international organizations have condemned Modi’s decision and after his not so heroic speech many questions are rising. There is a list of human rights violations happening in Kashmir which includes freedom of speech, lynching, pellet guns, gang rapes by Indian forces, etc. All these violations and Modi is offering Kashmiri products to the exporters to boost the failing Indian economy. This shows that the Modi govt just needs Kashmir, not the Kashmiris. This is the height of desperation to cover your own failures and policies.

In which state of mind is Mr. Modi in? And the horrors are not just ending there. Eid is just around the corner and there are no official words from Indian authorities about lifting the ban. They did not even lift the ban on Friday prayer.
Well according to their own claim if India is the most secular country in the world and their extremist political leaders think that their so-called golden plan is going to work for Kashmiris, why aren’t they lifting up the curfew and letting the world hear the choice of people who have a birth right to freedom. Let them reply to your Eid wishes, I know that reply will not disappoint you.

All over the world people are comparing this heinous move to Israel’s brutalities in Palestine but I will say that it is worse than that. Deciding the fate of almost 13 million people under dark clouds of lockdown shows the real, not so secular face of India.

As per sources, people are worried in their homes that what is going to happen with the future of their next generation. The network is down, the broadcasts suspended and even there have been no newspaper publications in kashmir for the past couple of days

The question really is now, if Hindutva extremists are planning a total ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris and the whole world is silent on this bloodshed. Where are we heading with this?

Is Modi govt going to repeat the Gujrat genocide, in which they brutally killed thousands of Muslims and no one raised their voice?

Kashmiris are waiting for someone who could help them in saving their existence. In this matter, every second counts and we cannot just use hashtags or change our display pictures to show solidarity with Kashmiris. We cannot stay silent for a long time on this or else the paradise on earth, the scenic valley of Kashmir will burn in front of our eyes and we will be just looking towards more condemnations and concerns.

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Kiran Butt
The author is a Correspondent and Associate Producer at Indus News

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