U.S. imposes fresh sanctions on Coronavirus-hit Iran


Keeping up its economic pressure campaign, the United States has imposed fresh sanctions on Iran despite Tehran struggling with the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said 3 Iranians were blacklisted for engaging in significant transactions to trade in petrochemicals. Pompeo said Iran’s armed forces’ social security investment company and its director have also been blacklisted for investing in sanctioned entities.

On the other hand,  the US Commerce Department said it will add 5 Iranian nuclear scientists to entity list for aiding Tehran’s atomic program.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said US sanctions have drained Iran’s economic resources, impairing its ability to fight COVID-19. Zarif added that the US was literally killing innocents, calling for a global campaign to disregard US sanctions on Iran.

China on Monday urged the United States to lift sanctions on Iran immediately, amid the country’s struggle to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Continued sanction on Iran is against humanitarianism and hampers Iran’s epidemic response & delivery of humanitarian aid by the UN and other organizations,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a tweet.

Pakistan has also come in support of Iran. Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the United States to lift sanctions on Iran, saying that the world must come together to fight the Coronavirus.

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